Tesa SE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive product and system solutions for industry, trade, and consumers. The company’s 100 years of experience in coating technology and its development of adhesives and innovative product solutions have taken tesa, headquartered in Hamburg, to the top of the world market in many fields of application.

The more than 6500 products developed and produced by tesa are marketed in over 100 countries. The company achieves more than three-quarters of its overall revenue with special system solutions for industrial clients, and ensures, in many industries, that costs are cut, processes optimized, and end products thereby improved.

Slightly less than one-quarter of the company’s revenue comes from consumer product solutions that are intended for daily use in the office, the home, and the garden. In this area, tesa helps people to arrange their surroundings according to their own tastes, thereby improving quality of life for many.

Solutions to Problems in Industry

As a partner to industry, tesa works together with its clients to analyze their production processes in order to develop tailored solutions for increasing efficiency or optimizing end products.
The spectrum of applications ranges from special adhesive tapes for the printing and paper industry and precision die cuts for precise adhesion of electronic components in mobile telephones, digital cameras, and LCD screens, to counterfeit-proof laser-etched labels.

One of the most recent developments is the tesa Holospot® system, a laser-based technology that protects products from counterfeiting and makes tracing them possible.

Within tesa’s widely varied customer structure, alongside the electronics industry, the automotive sector is among tesa’s most important focus markets. In this sector, the company is one of the leading producer of products for bundling cable sets, and also offers various system solutions to affix cables. It also provides additional products, including some that ensure effective noise insulation, help with painting, or support mounting of interior coverings.

In addition, laser-etched, non-removable safety labels are used on interior doorframes and for tank covers, and an innovative, laser-based marking system protects vehicles from theft.

A cutting-edge car may have included up to 50 different tesa products in its construction and outfitting. Further areas of application for self-adhesive system solutions from tesa are mounting of electronic devices such as flat-screen TVs, and furniture manufacturing.

Solutions for End Consumers
In Germany, tesa, with name recognition of 98 percent and a positive rating of 76 percent (International Research 2004), is among the strongest brands on the market. Generations have grown up using transparent tesafilm®, which was developed in 1936 and laid the groundwork for the company’s broad modern-day portfolio. 

Today, beyond traditional adhesive tape, tesa also offers the end consumer about 300 products across ten segments. These products include tesa Powerstrips®, which can be removed without residue, and can be used for numerous purposes, duct and packing tape, tesamoll® for sealing doors and windows, a broad assortment of fly screens and pollen protectors, glue sticks, various kinds of painter’s masking tape, and the company’s practical photo line.

Due to the quality and variety of the assortment tesa® offers, the company now ranks among the strongest consumer brands in many European countries.

Represented around the World
tesa SE is a member of the Beiersdorf group of companies, well known as the manufacturer of leading international cosmetics brands such as NIVEA, and has been an independent corporation since 2001.Hasil gambar untuk icon dunia

At present, 3,700 employees across 53 subsidiaries ensure that tesa is represented in all the important industrial markets around the world. The company’s employees at its nine production sites worldwide ensure the necessary proximity to customers.

Research labs in Germany, the United States, China, and Singapore ensure continual development of innovative product solutions. Their work results in the proportion of revenues made up by new products now being 50 percent.

A globally oriented company, tesa achieved total sales of 747 million euros in 2009. Of that, 71 percent came from international business and 29 percent from the company’s home base of Germany.

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